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Pregnancy & Newborn (USA) Magazine: July 2016 Issue:- "Treat Yourself And Your Little One"

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Juno Magazine: Summer 2016 Issue:- "Summer Inspiration"

Smallish Magazine: June 2016 Issue:- "Blueprint to Build"

Families Magazine: May/June 2016 Issue:- "Den Day"

Little London Magazine: June/July 2016 Issue:- "Garden Time"

Nurture Magazine: Autumn/Winter 2015 Issue:- "Emilia Fox - My Favourite Baby Things"

The Lady Magazine: November 2015 Issue:- "Gift Guide For Kids"

Yummy Mummy Magazine: November/December 2015 Issue:- "Christmas Gift Guide"

Country Homes & Interiors Magazine: December 2015 Issue:- "Inspiring Ideas For Your Home"

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OK! Weekly (USA) Magazine: Holiday 2015 Issue:- "Baby & Kids Holiday Gifts"

Time Out, New York Kids (USA) Magazine: Holiday 2015 Issue:- "Winter Wonderland Gift Guide"

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