How We Make It

The relationships with our suppliers began in 2001, whilst we were first setting up Win Green. We met our very first supplier during an impromptu meeting in a fabric market in India, where the fabrics used to create our products are made!

Using the handmade traditionally dyed and woven bright fabrics of India the first Win Green playhouse was created with the skill and care of all the workers. Each of our products are hand embroidered and appliquéd with enthusiasm and expertise. Typically, it takes around 15 hours sewing time to create one Playhouse. Each cupcake, tractor and fairy is cut out individually by hand with amazing skill. This handmade charm may result in small imperfections. These should not be considered a fault.  Each and every product is totally unique!

We visit the factories in India regularly to work on new designs and ranges and to catch up with the team. Our partners in India have developed a fantastic understanding of the way we like our product to look. They never fail to amaze us when developing new designs as their familiarity with our unique style combined with their attention to detail is when we begin to see our new ideas become a reality. Seeing their craftsmanship during the sampling process is when we really begin to see our new designs develop their character and come to life.

Our suppliers have helped empower women to gain financial freedom and to support working, rural families. The factories where our products are produced employ over 250 rural workers who have been trained in stitching, packaging and embroidery. Along with the help of the state government's District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), an initiative meant only for the employment of women, this has offered a metamorphic journey for many of the socially and economically backward rural women, and their families to become financially independent.

All the expertise and enthusiasm of our workers has led to the success of Win Green over the past 16 years. We hope you enjoy seeing a little more of how Win Green was created.